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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Center for Biological Diversity files Endangered Species Lawsuit

At Magic Exterminating we take the Environment seriously.

Our services are performed using Integrated Pest Management Protocols (IPM) and we offer Green Shield Certified Services.

IPM is a necessity to eradicate pest problems and deter the excessive use of pest control products. Our staff is trained to spot sanitation and structural conditions that are allowing pests to thrive.

Along with the correction of the conducive conditions, and a responsible treatment plan, infestations are brought under control quickly.

Additionally, Magic has sought Green Shield Certification by the IPM Institute of North America (IPMINA). The IPMINA is not associated with the Pest Control Industry and audits our protocols. Green Shield Certified Services prohibit the use of any products banned by the States of New York & California, and New York City's Local Law 37.

Magic's Entomologists have developed a Heat Chamber which kills Bed Bugs without the use of chemicals and an Economical Bed Bug Monitoring System.

I remember visiting the Oceanside Marine Study Area on a school trip. I was amazed at the flock of Roseate Terns sweeping back and forth along the shoreline.

I discovering that a bat inhabited the garden courtyard area of an apartment I lived in. At dusk I would hear his tweeting and step outside and catch him darting just over the shrubs and trees feasting on insects.

I have a friend that is a clam digger and another that is a fishing boat captain and my mother lovers butterflies so I planted a butterfly garden in my backyard.

Everyone at Magic has experiences like this and we are all concerned about our environment and understand our responsibilities.

All of us at Magic want future generations to have the same opportunities to experiences the beauty of nature as we have.

You can read more about the lawsuit here click

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