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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sentricon's Always Active Termite System available from Magic Exterminating

Those Terrible Termites
Understanding the Sentricon Always Active Termite System

What to Expect from the
Sentricon Always Active Termite System

Sentricon Always Active Termite System Proven Protection &
Environmentally Responsible

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring is Here! Prepared for Termites, Carpenter Ants / Bees & Wasps

Magic Exterminating expects a big surge in pest activity this Spring due to the mild winter and the topic is becoming a hot item on the Internet.

Termites remain active all year round. There colonies are beneath the ground below the frost line.

They travel in mud tubes that protect them. In the Spring, the warmth from the sun and moisture from rain, triggers there breeding cycle.

Swarmers (reproductive termites) emerge above ground and mate. This is sometimes the first evidence we have that an active colony is attacking our home or business.

Magic recommends the Sentricon Termite Elimination
System which is a proven method of eliminating
termite colonies. 

The newest and the best. Sentricon Always Active.
Sentricon's new Recruit HD bait gives year round protection.
See the video here new installation only

Carpenter Ants bore into the wood of our homes and business' and the colony lives within the beams. As the colony grows it splits, moving to another area of the structure where they repeat the destructive behavior. If the colony has begun to split they can do excessive damage and tracking down the satellite colonies can be difficult. Carpenter Ants also have winged reproductives (Breeding Ants) that may emerge.

Paper Wasps & Hornets & Yellow Jackets all become active once the Queen emerges from wintering over. The Queen quickly begins to produce worker bees to the colony and the hive structure grows rapidly. All of these winged insects will become highly aggressive if they believe there nest (Hive) is being threatened. The shadow from your hand or body is enough to trigger them into attack mode.

Magic can handle all of the above problems and more.
Magic also offers Annual Pest Control Agreements that cover most common pest and include free emergency service.

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