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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Spring Pests to Watch for:
Termites, Carpenter Ants, Carpenter Bees and Wasps

Termites are a hidden threat. They live in the ground and can invade your home through a hairline crack in the foundation. They travel in mud tubes and usually remain undetected. Sometimes the first warning is a swarm of winged termites during the spring.

Termites cause more than 5 million dollars worth of damage to homes like yours every year. More than tornados, earthquakes & fires Combined.

Sentricon’s Termite Baiting System has been proven to eliminate Termite Colonies.

Sentricon Always Active Bait is the newest revolution in Termite Control. Always Active bait lasts an entire year. This provides 24/7 365 days a year protection for your home. Additionally, the Bait is formulated to affect only Termites and is contained within the station protecting the environment.

Carpenter Ants

These large black ants carve out galleries, within wood, where they build their nest. They normally live in trees, but are constantly foraging and if they find an entrance into our homes they will create a nest.

These pests have smaller satellite colonies making eradication sometimes troublesome.

Carpenter Bees

These large bees are rarely dangerous but are often menacing. They drill perfectly round holes in wood railings, swing sets, and house trim that receive direct sunlight. They create galleries and lay their eggs within the hollowed out wood.

They have a knack for coming back every year and eventually destroying the entire length of wood. Some birds attack the wood while extracting the growing Carpenter Bee within the wood creating even more damage to the area.


Most Stinging Insects become active in the spring. The Queen sets up shop and begins laying eggs and hatching workers who begin building the hive and gathering food.

Quite often they choose to build their hives under awnings & eves around our homes near doors and windows. This is dangerous since soldier bees will interpret any human activity as a threat to the hive and signal an attack.