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Friday, February 11, 2011

First Termite Swarm of 2011

On Tuesday, Chuck, one of our salespeople, dropped by my home with a sample he collected from a home on the North Shore of Long Island. He wanted me to confirm his identification of the insect. He had about a dozen live winged specimens which meant they were reproductives of some sort. Upon closer inspection I immediately noticed the four equal sized wings and under a magnifying glass I could see that the body only had two segments.

Termites I responded. Let me bring them into Ralph our Board Certified Entomologist for confirmation. Ralph slid them under his digital computerized microscope and sure enough Termites. Ralph told me that the earth is water saturated due to the melting snow and the sunshine Monday and Tuesday combined with the radiant heat of a homes foundation tricked the Queen into believing it was spring and sending out the swarm of reproductives.

I was excited because this was the earliest Termite swarm I had ever heard of.
Be on the lookout... Termite season will probably come early this year.

Magic offers the Sentricon Termite Bait System and conventional liquid treatments.

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