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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Animal Planet series to feature Magic Exterminating

Animal Planet migrates toward shows about people dealing with animals, like new 'Rat Busters'
BY Richard Huff - Daily News TV Editor
Thursday, April 14th 2011, 4:00 AM
Two outspoken city exterminators are part of a continuing makeover at Animal Planet.
The cable network is moving away from just animals to being more about people dealing with animals.
A new show, "Rat Busters," starring Jimmy Tallman and Michael Morales of Magic Exterminating, a New York based company, is one of several new series that network officials will announce today before potential advertisers in Manhattan.
"These are two New York guys, with big New York accents, and they're Brooklyn natives who go out and go after the rats in New York City, and bedbugs and pests," says Animal Planet president Marjorie Kaplan.
"They really are strong, outrageous characters. You laugh and at the same time are stunned. Rats are pretty stunning TV."
... Kaplan says. "Animal Planet is the whole frickin' Earth," she says. "There is no animal planet separate from the human planet. We don't live side-by-side with them, we share this planet."
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