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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Is that a Jumping Spider... nope... it's a Cave Cricket

Cave or Camel Back Cricket

Every fall we begin to get calls from people about Jumping Spiders. Our immediate response is "Those are just Cave Crickets".

Here in New York, especially on Long Island, Cave Crickets are a prevalent pest that invade our homes with the cool damp fall weather.

They find their way into our homes through cracks & crevices in the foundation, broken dryer vents, faulty door sweeps, broken windows or under our feet as we enter our homes.

Unlike the common cricket, Cave Crickets do not make an audible chirp. They are nocturnal and only come out when the lights are out. They can go unnoticed for some time. They usually set up shop in our basements were it is cool and damp. If they find a food source (any decaying matter) they will begin to breed at a very fast pace and become an annoyance.

Luckily Cave Crickets are susceptible to standard pest control protocols and are easily eliminated. 


Unknown said...

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Michael said...

Definitely, they're not jumping spiders. This is what a jumping spider looks like:

However, cave crickets somehow look like spiders.:)

Unknown said...

Michael, Thanks very informative. Luckily, I have not heard of Jumping Spiders in the North East.