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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Why is Winter Pest Control so Important?

Why is Winter Pest Control so Important?

I often hear "It's winter. The bugs are all dead. I don't need my workplace or home serviced." This is a very common misconception.

First, our homes and business' create false environments; they are heated during the winter and cooled during the summer. These false environments allow many common pests such as Termites, Carpenter Ants, the various Tramp Ants, Roaches and many other invaders to set up shop within the walls, attic, basement and storage areas of our homes or business'.

Next, rodents, who live in burrows, actively scavenge throughout the winter. If they are able to exploit our homes they most definitely will.

Lastly, winters vary in their intensity. The winter of 2010-2011 has been wet and fairly mild, with temperatures reaching into the 50's. The combination of moisture and moderate temperatures trigger most pests into activity.

Here are some ways to deter Winter Pests:

* Seal off holes on the outside of the structure, where insects may gain entry. Smaller holes can be patched with silicone caulk or spackle, while larger ones may require concrete to fill.

* Check around baseboards and inside cabinets for cracks and crevices that could hide pests, and fill holes accordingly.

* Remove sources of food and water, which include dishes in the sink and crumbs inside cabinets and desks at your business.

* Outside, mulch and firewood hold moisture, making them popular hiding places for rodents. Store these items at least two feet from exterior walls.

* Outdoors, trim hedges and trees that are in close proximity to the structure. The branches provide an easy path inside for insects & squirrels.

* To prevent squirrels and other animals from roosting in the eaves or attic, repair and patch any holes or other damage.

* Clean out gutters and overhangs, where rodents can also build their nests.

* Store yard waste ,like leaves and moss, away from the structure prior to disposal. These materials are popular nesting materials.

* Keep birdseed in a sealed metal container. Mice can gnaw through plastic and eat seeds.

* Common entry points are around pipes, where small cracks are frequently just large enough for a mouse to squeeze through. Block holes with copper meshing.

* Inside, eradicate clutter that can hide mice and rat nests, and provide material for the nests themselves.

At Magic Exterminating we practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Our technicians inspect for the above conditions, treat when necessary, and inform you of required corrections that will keep your business and home pest free.

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