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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bed Bugs vs. Rodents a Day with Dr. Bobby Corrigan

I am a graduate of the New York City Rodent Control Academy so spending a day with Dr. Bobby Corrigan being educated on the latest information on rodent control was like receiving a piano lesson from a virtuous. Bobby covered numerous topics quoting scientific studies with a passion that kept me at the edge of my seat. The seminar, part of Magic's employee educational program, was attended by members of the NYS DEC, the NYC DOH and the Nassau & Suffolk County DOH.

One of the most interesting topics Bobby spoke to was about the economics of our industry. Bobby used the example of Bed Bugs vs. Rodents. Consumers are willing to pay big money for the eradication of Bed Bugs which at this present time do not transfer diseases but have a societal stigmatism attached to them and minor psychological side effects.

Yet give a consumer the cost of eradicating a Rodent infestation and their immediate response is “That’s a lot of money”. What consumers do not realize is that a Rodent deficates between 60-100 times a day and each piece of fecal matter carries 5 million different viruses. Rodents also urinate, which cannot be seen, over 3,000 times a day and the urine carries a protein that is one of the main causes of asthma. Additional, Rodents also carry
Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis which symptoms mimic a very extreme case of the flu.

To make matters worse
Rodent infestations usually require some form of Rodent Proofing to the structure. Rodents always invade a property in search of warmth and food. Structural repairs can become costly especially in multiple family dwellings.

The bottom line is that if consumers were properly informed of the health risks of Rodents they would understand that it is imperative to eradicate them from our homes, offices and our schools and the cost would be justified.

Magic believes in educating our clientele on all the issues surrounding there
Pest Control needs allowing them to make educated decisions.

Bobby's credentials and history can be found at numerous places on the internet. Check:
Pest Management Professional article on Bobby
Pest Control Technology video footage of Rats filmed by Bobby

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